Week 3

Hello again!

This week we printed the different nozzles and tested them. Sadly the result was quite disappointing. As you can see in the videos below the surface of the nozzles was to big for the water pressure (as seen in the first video). What we also discovered is that de box isn’t completely  water sealed. So when the pressure was high enough, the water leaked out of the sides (as seen in the second video).

20161017_23560220161017_235548 20161017_235541 20161017_235531 20161017_235527 20161017_235519

One positive outcome of this experiment was a new idea for the project. We where very intrigued by the idea of a modular system. We want to implement this system in a child’s toy. We want to design a toy with a hand pump to increase water pressure and a box where different nozzles can be used on. This way the child can play with different fountains. We also want to make the box and nozzles transparent, that way you can see the water flown and alter direction because of the nozzles. Because of this we think the child may learn something about the way water reacts.

For next week we will think of a better way to implement a modular system for a child’s toy

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