Week 4

This week we¬†wanted to improve our child’s toy with modular fountain nozzles but when we talked with our teacher we came to the conclusion that a modular system isn’t really the best way to do it. This is because a benefit of 3D printing is that you can print the object at once, so it is completely water¬†sealed. We decided to make a complete print with the nozzle and the piece where the garden hose needs to be connected.

20161017_235624 20161017_235608

left you see the final modular system we tried. It was better then the first one but still not completely water tight. On the right you see the nozzle and water mount in one piece. In the video below you can see the improvement.

After this we quit with the idea of making a modular system for a child’s toy. We came up with a new idea: The problem with making tubes in a 3d model and print it with an ultimaker is that it needs support structure. The problem is that you can’t remove this support structure. You can print with an 3d printer that uses support structure what dissolves in water but this is way more expensive.

Therefore our solution. We want to design our own support structure that doesn’t interfere with the waterflow or pressure. We want to make a grasshopper model that adds support structure to every tube pattern. This way you can take any random 3d model. Put some tubes in it and then we let grasshopper generate the support structure.



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