Week 4: update #2

Tuesday the 18th of October we presented our project to the rest of the students that participate in the advanced prototyping minor. It was an interesting morning where everyone could ask questions to each other and help each-other out.

The rest of the week we focused on designing different tubes with our own support structure inside of it.

2016-10-27 11.12.12 2016-10-27 11.11.522016-10-27 11.12.05

we know the ultimaker is capable of printing on an angle of 45 degrees without using support structure. So for our first design we used this angle to support the tube. We also printed just a tube without support structure to see what happens. It will print actually without collapsing but the quality of the tube is very poor. Therefore if you just use a circular tube in a statue we think the statue will collapse.

For our final design we tried the shape of a raindrop. This is the design we will eventually use in the end, because with this design there is no material inside the tube. We tested this shape with a complex tube and the result was good. In rhino you can make the raindrop then use the sweep1rail function, important is that the style function is set to “roadlike top”. This way the raindrop will stay oriented the same way.

2016-10-27 11.12.22Knipsel

Next wee we will focus on the final nozzle design and making a statue for the science fair.

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