Week 5

This is already the final week before the science fair. Next week on Tuesday is the science fair where we will present our project. To get some final inspiration we decided to visit the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. 2016-10-25 12.13.22 2016-10-25 12.35.52

Sadly there weren’t any fountain projects so we din’t get much inspiration for our own fountain, however there were some interesting projects about 3D printing. There was someone who created a 3D printer that uses clay instead of plastic . 20161025_124837

It was a fun day and we did even see queen Maxima!

Back to our own project. Last week we finalized the shape of the tubes. This week we will experience with different nozzles. After some different shapes and test this is the final result:

2016-10-27 11.09.152016-10-27 11.08.32VORTEX NOZZLE

So the final objective for us is to find a statue where can add our vortex nozzle and raindrop tube. After some research on the internet we decided it would be fun to 3D print a water pokemon and make a fountain of it. After some searching on the internet we found an Lapras and a Kingler.

131Lapras_Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_Explorers_of_Time_and_Darkness 250px-099Kingler

We modified the files so we can 3D print them with the ultimaker.  We also added our raindrop tube and vortex nozzle.


The statues will be printed this weekend for the science fair next Tuesday.


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