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Science Fair

This tuesday was the day we had been working towards: the science fair. Here we demonstrated our fountains and all of the prints we had made.ap science fair

We showed the fountains in a tub filled with water and a small pump. Two pieces of foam were used in an attempt to keep water from getting near the laptop and such.


On the table next to the tub we showed all the prints we made during the past few weeks. Starting with our first box with slider nozzles up to the painted blue pokemon. We also had some posters of section views of the fountains  on the board behind the table.


People were very interested in what we had made (probably because of the water effects and the pokemons), and wanted to know more about it. We told them the goal of our project and about the process we went through: the printing and testing of nozzles, using the ‘teardrop profile’ instead of a circlular profile and combining all knowledge in a single large print.  We showed a section view of the final pokemon we printed, in which you can see the tube and the interior of a 3D print. We also showed a video of the vortex nozzle, since showing this on site caused a lot of water to be splashed around.

Few people suggested that this technique of creating a fountain could be interesting for artist and maybe architects, because you can create a solid statue with the tubing and nozzles already in the design.

We consider our exhibition to be a success, because we had a lot of people interested in our project and we think we learned them something about 3D prnting.

Lastly is a short video of our exhibtion: