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Christiaan Bakker
 Christiaan Bakker

Hey! My name is Christiaan Bakker, I’m a third year Industrial Design Engineering student.

As I am an Industrial Design Engineering student I have worked with multiple production techniques already, ranging from metalworking to vacuum forming.  The reason I choose this minor is because I’m a big fan of making stuff. I’ve build my own computer and spent time painting skateboard decks. During this minor I hope to further develop my skills in handcraft and prototyping.

Joost van Eijk: 


My name is Joost van Eijk and I am currently in my 4th year of my bachelor Architecture. I have some slight delay because I organized BkBeats last year. I was responsible for the line-up but I enjoyed working on the décor. It was one of the reasons I chose this minor, maybe in the future I want to be a furniture designer.  I have the basic experience in woodworking because of the scale models you need to make for architecture.

In my free time I like listen and working with music. I play the guitar and I am a DJ. At the moment I am one of the resident DJ’s of the café the ruif. To stay a little bit healthy I like to run from time to time.

Sven Bonte: 

Hi, my name is Sven and I’m an Industrial Design studen at the TU Delft. I’m a third year student and during my studies I gained some experience in working with wood, soldering and working with plastics (PO1). I have learned a lot about different production methods from the IP course from IO. Some examples are die casting, injection moulding, thermoforming, gas-injection molding and some others. I also have some experience with prototyping. During my studies, I had to make prototypes quite often. This ranges from simple paper models to see how big a certain design would be, to 3D printing a device with an Ultimaker.

My expectations for this course is that I learn more practical skills for creating ideas and prototyping. IO alone does not offer enough different practical courses in my opnion, so I hope I get to learn that during this minor.

Jelle de Vries: 


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